Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steps of utilization of human mind

Following are general steps defining the utilization of human mind in an activity.
  1. Question your surrounding
  2. Question beyond your surrounding
  3. Think for what to adopt
  4. Maximize following of adoption
If required go back to previous steps.

People may apply this to maximize anything which interests or affects them, be it education and research, paid professional research, business need, scientific advancement and religious/non-religious thinking. While the activities which do not involve above general steps fall into norms, culture and control. If an activity expects utilization of mind but above mentioned steps are not followed then the person is in illusion. Questioning always breaks illusion and borrowed questions may introduce stronger illusion; if questions are borrowed then expansion through step 2 should not be borrowed to full in order to keep it reasonably natural. A point to note here, thinking is natural but illusion is sleeping drug to our human mind.

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