Monday, February 14, 2011

The Yellow Banded Graduates

These were my feelings on the day of KAIST Graduation Ceremony 2011 i.e, 11th February, 2011 . I have managed the time to post this on my blog today. Here are my feelings for that day:

Finally, the long awaited day has arrived, the tradition of passing on the light at KAIST. The difference this time, me and my wife get two degrees of MS by Research as only Pakistanis in Computer Science in world's 21st (this year it's 24th) ranked university under Technology (simply, Asian MIT). With a lot of hopes and a mix of emotions, the yellow banded graduates head to the ceremony. This is a product of hard work of everyone associated with us (in terms of academics, advices, emotions, etc.,) and importantly a responsibility to pay back to the seed land, Pakistan. Never felt but the truth is, every single degree counts for Pakistan (part of Muslim world). Hopes went on to height as we went on to recieve something which looked impossible if life goes into flash back of more than two and a half years with no money and no sense of how to pursue higher education in ever challenging field of Computer Science. I can't mention everyone who stood at our backs in the tough times, but one person I can never forget to mention is my mother as she is the lady who turned me into what I am and led me after passing of my father when I had just passed 7 grades of basic schooling. My mother made me look to the world through her eyes and turned me into what made me a yellow banded KAISTIAN, she completed her PhD after the passing of my father and taught me by her living example before me to target higher than the known limits of the world, a lady who not only took great care of her children but also attained biggest pride in education (i.e., PhD) after passing of her life partner and my father. This by example, shaped me well and I am taking not one degree but two, one of mine and other of my wife.

Having said some of my background now comes some snaps that now become part of golden memories :)


  1. Bohat Bohat mubarik ho Atif Bahi. Hope to see u back in Pakistan soon and working for the motherland :)

  2. Congratulations to both of you. May Allah give you more strength to help and guide the youth of Pakistan towards righteousness. :)

  3. JazakAllah Khair brothers, inshaAllah we intend to play our part(may Allah cover our weaknesses from His blessings-Aameen)

  4. MASHAALLAH.. So nice to see atif bhai n arjumand sis being MS holders ...its so nice that u both worked soo hard n don lots of efforts for this n made us feel proud ...

    its all ur efforts and May Allah succeed u for rest of ur life and may ALLAH bless u forever n may all ur wishes become true :)

  5. wa iyya kum akhi, may Allah accept us all (Aameen)

  6. very nice :) Congratulations! Very glad to know!
    May Allah's Blessings be upon you :)