Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Parallel Universe Fact or Fiction

If you are not aware of what the parallel universe is I will give you two videos to start with the basic concept, if you are short on time watch the second one and keep reading.

1- National Geographic - Parallel Universes (~45 mins doc)
2- Drama series called Fringe - A short explanation (~4 min)

So a parallel universe (or universes) is a universe where each and everything is exactly the same as ours (a version of us all) except a few differences, in one universe 9/11 took place but in the other it didn't (hence it has its own history with some changes), in one universe Adolf Hitler never made any attack therefore a different history, likewise in another universe I (the version of mine) did not decide to write this blog hence a different history which followed afterwords from the one where I decided to write this blog. So by now the basic concept of parallel universe should be understandable, lets continue.

Among the theories on parallel universe a theory takes the position that each decision splits the universe into multi-universe, for example: in one universe person "x" might decide to eat a chocolate at instance "t" while in other at time "t" "x" won't decide to eat a chocolate, this seems like a very simple theory, but it makes no sense to me when I look for exhaustive possibilities, like in one universe a version of person "x" dies and in other he won't and if we continue this exhaustive trend than there must always remain a universe where the person "x" will live forever (because in one universe he dies at "t" and in another he does not die at "t" but at "t+1" and another does not die at "t+1", and the trend continues). Similarly, a universe shall exist where everyone lives forever and a universe where nobody was ever born. Therefore, this theory commits a philosophical suicide if investigated a little further. So, my point, lets enjoy the fiction of parallel universe; it is good for sci-fi drama but not good for science, so lets keep them separate, and I continue to live as a fan of parallel universe in sci-fi dramas.

By now you know I am a fan of parallel universe, please don't forget to share some cool stuff with me (names of dramas or movies, etc)

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